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Welcome to MACM.
The Malta Association of Credit Management, known as MACM, is a members-owned, not-for-profit organisation, providing a central national organisation for the promotion and protection of all credit interests pertaining to Maltese businesses.



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The main objectives of the Association are threefold.
1. Credit Management Information System Provider
Creditors need reliable and up-to-date information pertaining to credit management to analyse and continuously monitor the credit worthiness of their existing debtors and any potential credit applicants in a proactive manner.
MACM strives to meet the needs of its Members by providing effective and timely credit management information to ensure that it Members get the following benefits:
 • Minimising the risk associated with credit
 • Keeping the credit management cost low
 • Avoiding bad debts
 • Being consistent in credit decisions
 • Controlling of credit management processes
 • Monitoring Debtors on a daily basis
 • Increasing performance
 • Enhancing long-term customer relationship, thus improving customer retention
 • Identifying financially solvent prospects, turning credit risk into credit rewards
 • Maintaining sound cash flow
 • Sustaining profitability

2. Credit Management Education
Despite ‘Debtors’ represent one of the key assets in the balance sheets of the majority of organisations trading on credit, the Maltese labour market lacks trained people in the field of credit management.

To enhance the role of the Credit Profession in Malta and to improve the managing of credit in general, MACM organizes a number of workshops, seminars and conferences to its members. It also takes part in activities organized by other institutions both locally and abroad.

In addition, MACM is the accredited Training Centre of the Institute of Credit Management (UK) to offer credit management education programmes in Malta, leading to Certificate / Diploma in Credit Management.

3. Lobby Group
Various legislative issues were addressed by MACM and have been discussed with politicians from both sides of the Maltese political sphere and with other relative professional bodies, in order to promote changes to legislation and to lobby for adequate enforcement of such legislation accordingly.

The various legislative areas discussed were:
 - The Data Protection Act
 - The Companies Act (Company Recovery Procedure)
 - The Business Promotions Act
 - The Commercial Code as regards Negotiable Instruments
 - The Banking Act
 - The Late Payment in Commercial Transaction Directive
 - The Consumer Credit Directive
 - Dishonoured Cheques Regulation
 - SEPA Project Judicial System


Credit Reports
In today’s turbulent business environment, creditors need up-to-date and reliable company information to base their decisions before they grant credit to their customers. Business information in form of company credit reports and business credit reports are critical to analyse the credit worthiness of customers before extending credit and to monitor the existing debtors.

Through MACM, Maltese creditors can obtain Business Credit Reports on both local and international companies. Maltese creditors are now able to credit check on their prospective customers before they extend credit. Business credit score also helps to monitor the business largest liquid asset ‘Debtors’ in order to protect cash flow.

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