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Training Programmes

MACM is the leading organisation in Malta providing short training programmes for business people, at all levels, working in the field of credit management and sales.
MACM organises a number of conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures throughout the year. The scope of organising these programmes is to promote good credit management practices with the Maltese business community in order to ensure sound cash flow and long-term profit, whilst gaining and sustaining competitive advantage in the market. 
The MACM Training Programmes are not only cost-effective but also practical, focusing on the day-to-day credit sales, debtors management and cash collection tasks and duties. All Training Programmes are developed with the main intention of meeting the ever changing needs in today’s business world. 
MACM strives to make its training programmes dynamic, fruitful and valuable for the participants to enhance their skills and knowledge on the subject. The Training Programmes organised by MACM are delivered by highly reputable people, specialising in their particular field from Malta and overseas.  

In-House Training Programmes

 MACM specialises in In-House Training Programmes, which are customised and tailor-made to meet the specific requirements and challenges of business selling on credit. In-House programmes are flexible, cost-effective and highly sought after by businesses, since they meet the specific needs of the corporate goals and yield immediate measurable results. In-house training offers the possibility to train as many employees as required, from a single team to a whole department or departments. It involves no travelling expenses and can be delivered when and where it is convenient to the business, from the office premises of the business to any location determined by the business.