Credit Information at your Fingertips ...

Network with Competitors

Networking with my peers

Credit professionals within particular industries share mutual goals and problems. By meeting with your peers in an Industry Credit Group, you eliminate the background notes of unnecessary credit information. You cut to the chase and get timely answers and solutions. You receive advance notice of problem accounts and follow the payment patterns of common customers. You have peace-of-mind that you are making wise and informed credit decisions that will save your company time and money. 

What happens next? 

Your Industry Credit Group meets face-to-face and peer-to-peer to discuss the accounts. Within a network of trusted professional contacts, you assess current industry-specific trade line data. You have detailed pubic record information at your fingertips. You also learn about industry news such as legal rulings, job openings and educational opportunities. 

Ever heard of a 'Win-Win Situation' 

Your Industry Credit Group is the perfect source of specific information about effective credit department procedures and relevant credit management resources & tools. Exchange information. Use your peer group to your advantage. Pick their brains, and let them pick yours. Scratch their backs and ... well, you get the idea! 

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty 

MACM sponsors Industry Credit Groups to facilitate the exchange of credit information for members within the same industry. These groups provide Credit professionals selling to common customers the opportunity to participate in our regularly scheduled round-table discussions and receive requested credit reports on specific accounts.