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Are you an MACM Member?
What are you missing?
MACM represents the credit profession across all economic sectors. It is a centre of expertise for all matters relating to credit management in Malta. MACM offers a range of services to the local creditors, including the following:
  •   Exchange of credit information between Members

  •   24 x 7 online credit management information systems
      Online services – Credit Scoring System & Financial Ratios Analysis
      Sample Documents and Templates for best practice in Credit Management
      Daily Defaulters’ Reports sent to all Members
      Daily Debtors’ Monitoring Facility
      Performance Benchmarking Reports
      Industry DSO Ratios
      Credit Rating Reports on International Companies issued by Graydon
      Credit management education leading to Professional Qualifications – CICM(UK)
      In-house credit management training
      Conferences, seminars and workshops
      Specialised credit management library
      Lobbying in Malta and Europe for better credit environment
      Serves as a platform to networking with your peers
      MACM is a member of FECMA
    Can you grant / extend credit or review an existing credit facility without knowing the real worth of the client, his credit history with other creditors, and his commitment to abide to the credit terms and conditions set?
    MACM assists Maltese creditors in their debtors’ management in a way to gain and sustain long-term customer relationship, whilst securing sound cash flow and long-term profit.
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