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Infocredit World Malta:   Access Corporate data and get the most trustworthy results   

Are you looking to run an investigation on a Business or on an Individual? Infocredit World Malta platform has it all and is only available to the MACM members.

Through a strategic partnership, MACM and Infocredit Group, leading provider of business intelligence and innovative risk management solutions with 50 years of experience MACM members will have access to an innovative platform, Infocredit World Malta.  This Platform allows MACM members to search Corporate Data to more than 200 million companies worldwide and order investigation reports at special prices.

Local businesses dealing with foreign suppliers and clients will be able to purchase International Credit Reports on companies registered anywhere in the world. These reports can assist Maltese businesses to trade diligently and securely with foreign companies, as they can provide sufficient, accurate and reliable data for confident decision-making and strategic thinking. The Maltese business community will also be able to comply with AML regulations and gain access to comprehensive KYC and Enhanced Due Diligence reports. These reports will offer critical insight and analysis to assist members to leverage their money-laundering risks during client on-boarding or prior to entering new business relationships. Additionally, Certificates and Official Documents can also be obtained.

In a nutshell services offered include:

  • Credit Reports

A comprehensive overview of a company, including information on their corporate structure and financial health.

  • Due Diligence Reports

A fully customized report that can vary from a full financial/credit risk analysis or on a full-scale investigation into the legitimacy of the subject in question or company.

  • KYC Reports

Used for screening purposes when on-boarding a new client and monitoring the existing ones in order to confirm that the subject entities are not involved in any Money Laundering or other criminal offences.

  • Certificates and Official Documents

Company certificates and other official documents issued by the Official Company Registries and respective authorities on a global scale.

Committed to delivering exceptional value to clients, additional services will be added in due time, showing the strong alliances of these organizations.  

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About our Partner: Infocredit Group

Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of business intelligence and risk management solutions for 50 years. It offers high-quality flexible solutions, ranging from Credit Risk Management to Regulatory Compliance, Debt Recovery, Call Centre Services, Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing. With a focus on the global shift towards transparency, it aims to empower businesses by enabling critical trade and credit decisions and protects them from precarious scenarios and risky transactions. Its constantly expanding client portfolio comprises of companies, including Regulators/Governmental Bodies, Financial and Banking, Telecommunications, Audit and Legal Services, Forex, Retail and Wholesale Trade as well as Credit Insurance, amongst others. The company maintains an extensive international network of strategic alliances with reputable companies/associations including, LexisNexis, Finclude, MACM offering reliable tools to businesses across the globe so they can meet their financial, legal and ethical obligations.