Credit Information at your Fingertips ...

MACM recognizes the importance of secure online transactions and the protection of any personal data processed. It takes active measures to protect the information provided to us. Strict security and confidentiality procedures covering the storage and disclosure of information to maintain confidentiality, to prevent unauthorized access to information and to comply with the Data Protection Act is maintained at all times.
The Association actively seeks compliance to the data protection regime by all of its members in order to protect the rights of data subjects on which personal data is processed.
MACM services are regulated by the Data Protection Guidelines for the promotion of good practice - Processing of personal data by credit referencing institutions issued by the Data Protection Office and adopted on 15 October 2012. Click here for the Data Protection Guidelines.
Furthermore, in order to ensure compliance with data protection obligations, MACM has appointed Fenlex Corporate Services Limited as their Personal Data Representatives. This has been done to provide MACM with the professional advice to ensure continued compliance the Act.
Should any data subject have any query relating to the data processed by MACM, kindly click here to send your query by e-mail. Our Data Protection Representative will respond to your queries accordingly.
GDPR will come into force on Friday 25th of May 2018. Please click here to read our lawyer’s letter.