Credit Information at your Fingertips ...

Our Scope

  1. Lobbying: Ensuring a healthy credit environment in Malta
  2. Education: Promoting good credit management practices
  3. Information: Providing a reliable and cost effective credit management information system

Our Achievements


MACM has lobbied with various stakeholders and addressed a number of credit related matters:
  • Dishonoured Cheques and Late Payment in Malta
  • The EU Late Payment in Commercial Transactions Directive
  • The EU Consumer Credit Directive
  • The Obligation of Registered Companies to File Annual Accounts
  • The VAT Refunds and Business Cash Flow
  • The Data Protection Act
  • The Companies Act
  • The Business Promotions Act
  • The Commercial Code
  • The Banking Act
  • The Judicial System


MACM organises a number of lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences for the Maltese business community. These events assist the local firms to turn credit risks into credit rewards by protecting their cash flow and securing their long-term profit.

MACM Training Centre also provides part-time lectures for Maltese students reading the CICM (UK) Credit Management Diploma at Level 3 & Level 5.
MACM is the Accredited Study Centre in Malta of The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) of the UK , which is Europe’s largest credit management organisation, and the second largest globally. 

The benefits of the CICM (UK) Qualifications are:

  • Raising knowledge, skills and performance and transmit an important message about you and your organisation;
  • Developing enthusiasm and impetus for the credit function within your firm;
  • Build professionalism and the expertise of employees;
  • Raise motivation and job satisfaction;
  • Create dynamic and high performance working environments.


MACM provides an effective and efficient online credit management information system to its Members. MACM Members have access to a number of integrated databases which can be used to analyse the credit worthiness of their prospective customers, whilst monitoring their existing customers on a daily basis. The MACM online credit information system helps businesses to take profitable credit decisions in a proactive manner. 

Thus, assists them:

  • To identify their prospective customers;
  • To minimise the risk associated with credit sales;
  • To avoid bad debts;
  • To be consistent in credit decisions;
  • To manage the credit management processes effectively;
  • To monitor customers on a daily basis;
  • To enhance customer relationship;
  • To increase effectiveness in the collection of dues;
  • To gain and maintain sound cash flow;
  • To sustain long-term profit.


MACM helps me take better informed decisions both on whether to grant credit to new customers or to keep an eye on existing ones. The site is easy to use and the information is updated on a regular basis and available on demand.

Mr. Peter Wirth (General Manager) - Alf. MIzzi & Sons (Marketing) Ltd.

MACM has made our credit management processes much more reliable and secure. Within an instant you can check the prospective or exiting client – whether it is an individual or a company. Intuitive credit related information is at your fingertips. The daily reports that we receive by e-mail are eye-opener to any potential future credit problems. I thoroughly recommend Maltese firms to join MACM.

 Mr. Mario Delicata (Director) - Emmanuel Delicata Winemakers Ltd.

We have been members and utilizing the services of MACM for the past ten years. Initially we have utilized MACM services to provide us with proficient financial reports on our potential foreign and local customers. Nowadays we utilize comprehensively the professional services provided by MACM to maintain our investment in accounts receivables on a daily basis. Based on our experience we highly recommend MACM services to the local business community.

Mr. Charles Arapa (Finance & Admin Manager) - Express Trailers Ltd.

GO Plc has been using the services offered by the MACM since 2001.  Initially, we used to access MACM databases as part of our work to evaluate the credit worthiness of prospective clients, however, as of recently we are also using MACM services to monitor updates in the credit status of existing clients.  We also take advantage of investing in our team, working in the Credit Control Department to attend specialised credit control related courses, which are organised regularly by MACM. GO views the professional services provided by MACM as an excellent tool, which complements its internal controls in an effort to mitigate bad debts exposure. GO recommends the services provided by the Malta Association of Credit Management to other entities.

 Mr. Joseph Dimech (Senior Manager Credit Control) - GO Plc

The MACM 24X7 credit platform is critical for performing due diligence and minimizing bad debts. The platform allows users to evaluate the financial health, payment history and creditworthiness of potential partners or clients by offering full credit reports.  This in-depth research enables users to detect high-risk individuals or firms, limit potential losses, and make better informed credit or financial agreement decisions. Furthermore, the platform`s credit rating system assists users in determining the likelihood of timely payments and the general creditworthiness of parties involved, lowering the likelihood of defaults and bad debts. The MACM credit platform, with its powerful functionality and accurate data, enables customers to execute effective due diligence, resulting on a reduction in bad debts and increased profitability.     

Ms. Roseanne Calleja  - Mizzi Organisation

The Staff at MACM has always been easily accessible, very knowledgeable and professional. MACM maximise our analysis both prior to granting credit and ongoing monitoring, with up-to-date information available on demand.

 Ms. Josette Calleja Fenech - CFO, Francis Busuttil & Sons Marketing Ltd

We have been members of MACM for the past 10 years. Nowadays we utilize the professional services provided by MACM, in particular the detailed Customer History reports, as part of our onboarding checks with respect to both exisitng and new borrowing cusotmers on a daily basis. The MACM Secure Portal is very useful to us and is kept up-to-date and is reliable with information from the MBR, Law Courts etc. We highly recommend the usage of MACM services to other Financial Institutions.

Mr. Marco Micallef (Head, Credit Risk)  - APS Bank plc

GasanZammit Motors Ltd, has been using the services of MACM for the past 10 years. The MACM credit search functionality, helps us with our client acceptance and credit approval processes. Furthermore, MACM`s portal allows us to effortlessly keep track of selected customers by simply adding respective client`s details to our account. This allows us to be constantly updated with any relevant change. The staff at MACM are also very helpful and ready to assist.

Ms. Anne Marie Schembri (Credit Control Team Leader) - GasanZammit Motors Ltd

Testimonials  - Credit Management Workshops

“This workshop was amazing experience. Looking forward to attend the next one. Very insightful and practical”.

“A very interesting workshop which allowed space for all participants to give their input and share ideas. Participation was high in terms of discussion making it very informative.  A must for any credit controller”.

" Very interesting workshop which lead us to understand and work together as a team."

“Keep up the good work, especially the way in which your interact with the participants. Thanks!"