Credit Information at your Fingertips ...

Our Mission

MACM is a members-owned, not-for-profit organisation, providing a central national organisation for the promotion and protection of all credit interests pertaining to local businesses.


Our Vision

At the core of MACM brand identity, our vision is to empower the credit profession, to promote best practices in managing credit, and to provide effective tools and information in order to protect sound cash flow of Maltese businesses. 

Coupled with our brand values and underpinned by our commitment to assist Maltese organisations in managing their credit and cash flow, this vision forms the basis for everything we do: 

  • being the centre of expertise for the Maltese credit environment, 
  • improving skills and standards through a growing membership, 
  • supporting the career development of people working in the field of credit management, 
  • continuously improving the services provided to MACM Members according to their specific credit needs, 
  • communicating with our members and the local business community, 
  • promoting good credit management practices through national and international networks. 

Our Values

As a trusted and leading professional body in the field of credit management in Malta, MACM strives to continuously understand the changing needs of the credit management environment, culture and work practices in the various local industries in order to provide services that meet the needs and expectations of the local creditors. This is achieved through: 

  • Open communication with the various stakeholders, treating them always with high level of dignity, 
  • Highest ethical standards in our work practices, 
  • High level of honesty, equality and integrity in all our business dealings, 
  • Innovation and continuous improvement, 
  • Efficiency and maximisation of resources.