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The Malta Association of Credit Management are in the process of investing around EUR 120,000 in new facilities, equipment and software to be able to enhance the services it offers to its members.


The investment is being made with support from the European Union under the European Regional Development Funds (PA 3 of the Operational Programme 1 for Malta – Enhancing Malta’s competitiveness through investment in SMEs) through the SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme which forms part of the portfolio of schemes under the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes. MACM will be receiving circa EUR 50,000 in support.

The project, entited “New Services by MACM" (ERDF.PA 3.ERDF.03.S3.Call 1.0054), will enable MACM to diversify the services it offers, in particular through a new credit scoring system and the provision of accredited (as well as non-accredited) training. MACM intends to start offering such services from the new, larger offices in Haz-Zebbug, by the end of 2020.

The Credit Scoring system is essentially a software tool which mines and analyzes credit data from different sources and gives each person (whether a natural or a legal person) a credit score generally indicating that person's credit risk and risk of defaulting. This would be a paradigm shift in terms of service offering by MACM. It presently provides its members information about what natural and/or legal persons registered in Malta are doing in terms of their credit health, credit history, and defaults. With the new system it would be able to provide a credit score, that is a rating according to the particular of the credit risk of a particular customer through a dedicated scorecard that which includes a score that synthetizes the probability of default of the position enquired. Presently it provides to its members dis-aggregated raw data about the person/customer of interest, now it would be able to provide information based on the assessment of such raw dis-aggregated data (in addition to continued provision of the services presently being provided). Given the increasingly complex nature of businesses, business transactions and credit facilities on the market, it is increasingly challenging for banks and firms, especially SMEs, to have the necessary resources to carry out the necessary analysis before lending/selling with credit to new customers and/or digest information about them. The new service, would make it much easier, and simpler to interpret, reducing risks and thus being able to build and maintain sound business relationship with their clients, whilst securing sound cash flow and improve profit.

The larger premises would enable the applicant to recruit at least one person for the inputting of data into the new system, and have space for additional staff recruitment in the medium term. Besides, the new premises will be appropriately furnished and equipped to allow accreditation as Training Centre by the local competent authorities enabling MACM to deliver training, including accredited courses, within its own premises, effectively diversifying its training service offering from the  limited suite of courses which may be delivered at the customer's end to a full range of credit management related internationally recognized accredited courses.

 Purchase related to the said project will be procured through an open process to which qualified parties may submit their bid.

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